A new humanitarian transport to Serbia

.: Medicines, clothes, food, hygienic articles, hospital bedclothes, kitchen tools to the hospitals and refugee collective centres in need.

Margot Wallström, EU Environment and Disaster Protection Commissioner and the Directorate XI. organized the First European Civil Protection Forum on 28-29 November 2002 in Brussels where the representatives of the EU Commission and the candidate countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding on disaster protection cooperation.

The Quick Relief Foundation works in full accordance with the international humanitarian principles and practice in the field of disaster protection and disaster relief. The Quick Relief Foundation keeps track of the programmes and efforts of the most important institutions in this field and suggests to the partners of QRF and to persons showing an interest in disaster relief to also follow the programmes. The internet site of these international institutions can be reached by their above mentioned links from QRF web-site, too.

.: UN ReliefWeb (www.reliefweb.int)
.: International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (www.unisdr.org)
.: Natural and Environmental Disaster Information Exchange System (nedies.jrc.it)
.: European Economic and Social Committee (www.ces.eu.int)

Hospital treatment of cancer patient children in Hungary

.: Appeal for the support of the hospital treatment of children in Hungary

Press release (28. August 2002.)

.: Relief in the value of HUF 150 million to the needy in Serbia