After the ending of the war between the Yugoslav nations, the international interest has progressively regressed about this territory. The financial aids supporting the reconstruction, the humanitarian aids have died down by now, although the severe consequences of the war have not been eliminated yet.

There is an extremely difficult situation in the field of health services. Basic medical instruments and tools are still required and there is overwhelming lack of pharmaceutical products in the damaged hospitals and public health institutions. Due to this situation hundreds of people die whose lives otherwise could be saved. Tragically, the same happens also to children day by day.

For this reason Miroslav S. Mrnustik, Vice-president of the Assembly, Vojvodina and the Quick Relief Foundation appeal to the Hungarian institutes, organisations and entrepreneurs to support with contributions the medical treatment of seriously ill Yugoslavian children in Hungarian hospitals.

The selection of the children who need the treatment the most and who can be treated most efficiently is going under the patronage of the Vice-president of the Assembly, Vojvodina. The Quick Relief Foundation undertakes the organisation of sponsoring the medical treatment in Hungary. The contributions for this purpose make possible that two children will receive the needed treatments in Szeged during this fall.

We ask to support – as your conditions allow – our initiative! The donations can be made at the Quick Relief Foundation.

Szeged, 23rd September 2002.

Miroslav S. Mrnuštik
Assembly of Vojvodina
  dr. István Székelyhidi
Quick Relief Foundation

Signature of the Appeal Miroslav S. Mrnustik,, Vicepresident of the Assembly, Vojvodina and Dr. István Székelyhidi, Founder of Quick Relief Foundation.
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Handover of the Appeal.
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Miroslav S. Mrnustik, dipl. ec., Vicepresident of the Assembly, Vojvodina during an interview. In the background Csilla Kántor Gimpel, Protocol Chief of the Assembly, Vojvodina.
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